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    Debut EP from Danny, Champion Of Nothing

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Debut EP by Danny, Champion of Nothing.


released December 11, 2013

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Guy Perchard



all rights reserved


Danny, Champion Of Nothing Edinburgh, UK

A slow and loud band from Scotland.

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Track Name: Hawthorn Ridge
There is no view
Excepting the dirt wall

That protects us from another
That would tear us apart

Thundering fire
Along the line
The screams of the shells
And of the dying

We hear the cries
Of dead men in the middle
Of enemies on the other side
Of comrades for their mothers

The next sun I see
Will mean the end for so many
(The final push to victory!)

There is no light
Excepting the flares
Casting shadows on the living
And colour on the dead

You men!
Along the trench!
Left foot, on the fire step!
On my whistle, you will stand!
At my command!
Fix bayonets!
Track Name: Baikal
What lies beneath
The ice and sleet?
What lies beneath
The surface?

Pearl of Siberia!
She has no equal!

Depths unmeasurable
Slakes an insatiable thirst

Glorious sea
Sacred Baikal
Ivanov's glory
The deepest cut

Adulation, and respect!
An undeniable grandeur!

Looked at from any aspect
She cannot be improved

Glorious sea
Sacred Baikal
Ivanov's glory
The deepest cut

Glorious Baikal! Glorious Baikal!
Track Name: Stranded On Some Bleak Planet
This is a call for someone
To come and save me from this
Uninhabited body
There must be someone listening

I've lost count of the days I've
Lost by trying to escape
Slip in and out of conscious
Thought disintegrating

Why did they leave me?
Am I alone here?
Stranded on a bleak
Lonely, barren sphere

See shadows in the distance
Shout, but there is no reply
Long for the touch of someone
Who would care if I died here?

Why did they leave me?
Am I alone here?
Stranded on a bleak
Lonely, barren sphere

I thought I'd led a good life
I never stole, never fought
Obeyed the law as much as I thought I could
They came in night
And they broke down the door with a burning light
I was imprisoned and beaten and God knows what
Selected to be dumped here and left to rot
And in the end would I have done so much more?
If I'd been ignored and left to my own sorry life
I never did anything that was hard or worthwhile
Never volunteered
Or made a difference
However small

So please heed this wretches lament
Be more than a cog in an uncaring machine
Before youíre on a rock, your feet in cement
With no escape from
Your captorís torment

Cursed and forgotten and left to the crows
Stuck to the surface and endlessly choked
Suffocating in this dense atmosphere
Hating myself more than those who left me

Maybe someone will hear
But it might be too late

Track Name: Canaries In A Mine
This will be the last time you will see the sunlight shining on this
Into the cage with your equals, a home within a hell for you
Going down into the depths of this unrelenting experiment
What conditions will we tolerate with paltry bribes and constant threat?

Cave in!

Another day survived for what? She is faded by worry for
The constant threat of poverty
Locked in
With no hope of escape

Grinding to dust memories of
Happier and careless times when
I could promise everything, and believe it myself -
How could I?

So far down
We are below the lowest
They have taken
The shirts from our backs

Underground and out of sight
We have no fear of death

Canaries in a mine
We are the first to smell the threat
But weíre running out of time
But we havenít died yet
Track Name: Modern Futilities
Consume these modern futilities
There ís no return to a better society
The young destroy the old and past it
But, we're the ones being slaughtered

And bow to your past
We have no cohesion
No rallying standard

And run, race, seek, search
And fight and forget and repeat and reset

We run, and we race, and we seek, and we search, and we fight
But we forget, and we repeat, and we reset

And we reset
And we reset
And we reset
And we reset

And we fade
And fade